All Roads Really Do Lead To.....

Why Rome?

 On this page we will go into more detail to show you what makes our studio special.  
We would like to focus more on what we offer to you
rather than comparing to other studios.

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For information to accurately compare studios see our Studio Shopping Page.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to read the Studio Shopping page before you continue reading this page.

Rome’s tradition of excellence spans over 4 decades all the way back to 1967!  

1.  Wow! To have a history going back all the way to 1967 shows we must have done something right.   As the current owner, I purchased Rome from the original owners in 2003 and have seen our beloved studio through many changes.  To endure over 4 decades, 4 locations and several changes in the recording business shows that Rome knows how to adapt and use new technologies in the recording business and satisfy our clients  many of which are repeat clients.

2.  This should give you the peace of mind in knowing that you are not dealing with a fly-by-night studio that could be gone tomorrow.  Obviously, any business could be gone tomorrow but given the longevity we have demonstrated the odds are in our favor to remain in business.  This peace of mind also extends to knowing that you don’t have to worry about our integrity as we would not still be in business if we weren't treating people with honesty and integrity. 

Rome Excels in the 3 elements of Quality recording  

If you saw the Studio Shopping page you already know that Rome has all the elements necessary to achieve commercial quality recording.  

Yes! Rome has Proper Acoustics and Professional Engineering to go with our Quality Equipment.   From a broad range of 35+ microphones and the highest quality most widely used recording system in the world to every link in the equipment chain we use very select professional grade gear to obtain professional results. That includes high quality preamps, monitors, instruments, software, and everything you need in a studio.Whether you’re singing through our $10,000 vocal chain or mixing with our new Protools HDX system….The fact is quality isn't a question at Rome.  We wouldn't have the clients we have had if we weren't doing quality recording.   See our Client List.

Studio Extras  

Headphone System:  Try 8 our channel Hearback headphone system that allows each person in the band to have and control their own custom headphone mix.  Our clients love the individual control this system provides. (No extra charge)

DW Drum Kit:  You can use our $6,000, 8 piece DW maple drum kit or mix it with your own snare and cymbals.  There are far too many options to go into detail here.  See our Equipment List and Studio Gallery pages for more information and pics.  This kit sound absolutely fantastic. (No extra charge)

Guitar Amps:  We have some great sounding studio sized tube amps and pedals you are free to use.  The amps include a Kustom Coupe 36, Vox Night train with a 1-12” Orange Cabinet.  You’d be surprised how versatile these amps are. (No extra charge)

Instruments:  We have a mix of guitars and basses, including a guitar synth and an amazing sounding Taylor 815C.  For keyboards we have a Korg Triton Studio 88, and an Ensoniq SD-1 as well as a plethora of software instruments. (No extra charge)

Customer Service  

We are known for our personal attention and customer service.  We have gotten many of our customers just because we took the time for them and treated them they we would want others to treat us.  Most clients comment on how they felt we treated them nicely and how much we made them feel at home.  We are surprised and shocked at the stories we hear about some of the other studios in town.  Have you ever worked with someone who “knows-it-all” and can’t take anyone else’s input?  You won’t get that with us.  We find projects go much better with someone who brings an easy-going attitude and attention to detail to the job without being critical of others. Ultimately, we want you to feel comfortable with us because this will help you achieve your best performance.  You can also trust us to offer helpful advice relating to your project without being overbearing.  We don’t get offended if you don’t take our suggestion.  Unlike other studios, we won’t make decisions for you in relation to your music; you have the final say.  To us it’s just like our jingle says, “No matter who you are we treat you like a star”. You deserve nothing less than this. 

Studio Accommodations 

We think this is something we shouldn't have to talk about but since it is left out of so many studios we believe we have to tell you about the comforts we provide our clients.  We want you to feel at home when you are at Rome so we provide a large enough area for you to relax with plenty of space to lounge, grab a bite to eat, check your email or whatever.  We keep drinks on hand in a fridge and offer other basic kitchen appliances like a microwave and everything you’d expect to find in your home kitchen.  We offer some free drinks and snacks as well as low cost drinks and food items.  Of course, you can bring your own food and drinks as long as it is legal.  If you want to go out and grab something or have it delivered there is almost an insane amount of choices.  We even have a running joke around here about how comfortable the couches are because many clients take naps while mixing. 

Excellent Pricing 

Not only do we try to make recording as affordable as we can but we try to offer packages that will actually suit your needs.  We usually have a way to accommodate most any reasonable budget.  It is also very common for us to throw in extra time on mixes because we want to go the extra mile to make your mixes sound professional.  We would much rather do extra things for you than have you go away unhappy and we know that making you happy brings you back when you are ready to record again.

One Stop shopping 

Not only can we do your recording, mixing and mastering but we can also do your CD duplication so you don’t have to go to someone you don’t know.  See our CD Duplication (When it’s done) page for more details. You will find our prices to be average to real good depending on the package you choose.  Bear in mind that there is always someone cheaper but to get that cheap some corner have to be cut because the supplies cost about the same for everyone.  See our CD Quality Page (When it’s done) for more details.

Click here to check out our Rates and Specials page.