All Roads Really Do Lead To.....

Rome Clients

This is just some of our clients. 
It isn't even close to a complete list. 
If it was it would be more than 20 times longer than it is.

National Artists
Bethany Dillon - Top Christian Artist with Sparrow Records
Ryan Pelton - Number One Elvis Impersonator in USA- Played young Elvis in “Hound Dog” staring Dakota Fanning
Kirk Franklin
Cypress Hill - Top Rap Group signed with Sony Records
Sasha Allen - When she was touring with Alicia Keys
Cirque du Soleil
Ricky Skaggs - Number One Hit recorded at Rome in the 90's
Sonny Curtis - (played steel for George Jones and Tammy Wynette)
Jim Ebert piano player for George Jones road shows
Johnny Paycheck
Tom T. Hall
World Harvest Church
Clint Brown
Wendell Lowe
Antwan Walker
Forrest Tucker
Lionel Cartwright
Bill Harrell
Reno & Smiley
Ralph Stanley/The Stanley Bros. - Bluegrass legend
Red Allen
Jack Casey
Bizzy Bones
J.D. Blackfoot
Paul Pitts
Jenni Lynn - Top Country Artist
Dave Cantrell
Yasha Barjona
Rob White - Saxophone

Local Artists
Bill Kurzenberger
Bobby Hartman
Bryan Popplewell
Hoodoo Soul
Jason Quicksall
Paradise Island
Spike Drivers
Megan Palmer
Chuck Dailey noted local classical guitarist
Willoughby Stump
Rob Maccabee
New Basics Brass Band
Hour of shame
Lighthouse Ministries
Martha Abbott
Joshua Boyd
Greg Thurman
Steve Kebe
St. Pauls Outreach (SPO)
Jen Miller local jazz artist
Cheri Papier, Mikhail Povov, and Arkady 
Bonnie Mohon
Denver Sturgill local country songwriter
Lamar Scales and The United Praise Choir
Donald Scales
Enos Stutzman & The Stutzmans
Isaac Simpson & Divine Providence
Larry Ramey
Chris Duggan
Rev. Leroy Jenkins
Dennie Hall
Will Freed
Rolando Matias
Lab Rats
Rick Davis
Jud Yutzy
The Scott Chorale
The Jordan River Boys
The Baptist Brothers
The Daileys
The Marshall Family
Ancient Doors
Just Forgiven
Scioto Ridge Boys
Gospel Sabre-Aires
Just Joy
Under The Son
Hour Unknown
Last Breath Before The Fall
One Accord
Open Highway
Vocal Point
Bobby Bare
Chad Mullins
Dan Hess
Amanda Overboard
Aaron Chivington and CDR
Alaine Pakkala
Andy Hamilton
Anita Allen
Anne Marie Vergara
Barb Paugh
Audra Pack
Billy Lemley
Carson Drew
Celestial City
Char Schultz and Three Chords
Charlie Cromeans
The Cheer Center
Chet Hall
Chris Drapier
Jimmy Hensley
Mike King
Pat Zill
Darin Allen
Don Miehls
East Ohio Grass
East Kentucky Grass
Houston Persinger
Ibrahim Sarr
Ina Costlow-Spirko
Lisa Lynch
Jack Cuckler
Jack Miller
Rev. Jay Tackett
Jerry Reddinger
Jim Black
Danny White
Joan Fink
Dan Castle
Don Caldwell
Larry Wilson GCB
Quentin Aden
Real Antidote
Sam Fisher
Down Op
Chris Cremeans
Brandon Miller
Garet Camella
Glenn Pryce
Glenn Yeagley
Donnie Kearns
Chris Terry
Ed Campbell
Gary Starkloff
Heather Spence
Howard Bates
Jackie Workman
James Long
Jaye Butts
Jenni Teeters
Jerry Campbell
Jerry Russel
Jessica Hannan
Jill Mills 
Joe Brooks
John Glorioso
Josh Brainard
Josh Howard
Josh Sealock
Julie Roese
Keith Larson
Keith Smith
Kelvin Walker
Kendra Cook
Lane Storm
Lashonda Orrell
Laura Potter
LaVern Yoder
Lori Orta (Loryanna)
Marissa Rouch
Marlissa Corby
Mary Anne Feeney
Matt Thompson
Megan Osborn
Michael Gibson
Mike Tonn
Morgan Lee
Nancy Carwile
Nate Rowe (Froley)
Nicole Harter
Pete Blevins
Richard Herron
Rob Kennedy
Rolonda Warren
Ron McDole
Russell Hunter
Ryan Pounds
Shannon Crump
Sierra Hanna
Stepside 77
Steve Butler
Taylor Huffman
The Crayons
Vint Walters
Wayne Pounds
Wesley Richesson
William Crabtree
William Hill
Zach and Zane
Arrow Roofing