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Services Offered

Rome is a full-service recording studio that can take your project from start to finish and more. 

We offer the following services:

Recording and Mixing 

If you are looking for commercial major label quality you will find it at Rome.  
Our experienced professional engineers know how to make your tracks are come out hot! We work with all styles of music and sizes of groups. From country to rap, rock bands to large-scale choirs, classical to bluegrass, solo vocalists to jazz combos, even Beat Production -- we've done it all.  If you only want a Demo Quality CD you will get it done far quicker and still higher quality than studios not running Protools HDX.  (Remember; if someone says they use Protools make sure it’s HDX!  Your recording depends on it.)  

Recorded your project somewhere else but weren't happy with the results? Bring your multi-tracks into Rome and let us fix and mix them! We can also mix or add overdubs to tracks you recorded at home. We also are committed to giving you the best quality we can for the money you spend.  For this reason, it is not uncommon for us to throw in a few extra hours of mix time at no extra cost just to get that final mix a little more polished.


No matter where your CD was recorded it probably needs to be Mastered to conform to industry standards.  Rome's engineers can give your completed mixes that final polish to make them commercially viable and radio ready.  Even if your CD has problems you may be surprised (as many of our clients have been) by how much we can improve the sound of your CD. Click here for information on mastering.  What it is and Why you need it.

CD Duplication

Make your CDs sizzle with the hot look they deserve! Whether you recorded your album at Rome or not, let us create a professional-looking final product just for you. We duplicate in quantities of 10 to 10,000 and offer a wide variety of packages to fit your needs and budget. You can even use CD Sales for fundraising at your school or church. Please see the Duplication page for more details.

Production and Arranging

Let the talents at Rome help you get your songs sounding their best.  A producer can help you get the most out of your recording time.  We believe producing and engineering are highly integrated into the recording process thus making them inseparable.  Because of this we automatically provide some assistance in Producing during sessions at no extra cost.  Full scale Producing and/or Arranging would include more work and time outside of regular studio time.  Rome can provide these additional services but will tailor the job and quote to your particular needs and budget.  We also offer transcribing, arranging, beat writing, and record production. We have seen many groups waste valuable studio time because they didn't have a producer.

Graphic Design and Printing

We can save you money with our reasonable rate, Graphic Design. Our graphic designer will work with you to create materials that will get your CDs noticed.

Jingle Production

Rome understands sales and business marketing.  We can write a custom jingle that will maximize your radio advertising with a memorable musical hook that will make your ad stand out.  Studies have shown this to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Voiceover and Commercial Production

If you own a business let us put together your next radio commercial, record dialogue for TV spots, or set dialogue to your training video.

Musicians for Hire

Need a smokin' lead guitar player to fill out your track? We have lots of contacts in the Columbus and National music scene.  We can hook you up with a wide variety of session musicians. However, your budget will largely determine what we can get for you.  We can even arrange to do some recording in Nashville with various musicians like the String Machine if your budget allows for it.

Noise Reduction, Forensic Audio, and Format Transfers

Convert your old records and cassettes to CDs before it's too late. We can even perform noise reduction while we’re at it. Have a recording that requires voice enhancement? Bring it in and let us clean up the audio and transfer it to CD for you.  This service is usually done during cancelled sessions and may not always be availability.

Audio Engineering Training

Have your own set up at home?  Want to do your own recording?  Learn everything you need to know to engineer your own recordings with instruction for our engineers.  Get more hands on training, and learn at your own pace and schedule.  You’ll get access to high-end gear and our vast training resources.  Best of all you get to learn the industry standard Protools and tricks of the trade.

Live Sound and Recording

We offer live and sound and recording on a limited basis.

Please call for availability of all services.  614-900-8790