All Roads Really Do Lead To.....

Gear List Short

Studio Gear (The Toys)
(Short List)

Click here for the Detailed List which explains more about many items
for those who want to know more about studio gear and what it does for you.

Complete AVID Pro Tools HDX System
24 inputs, 24 outputs (Play over 256 tracks)
Resolution - 24 Bit,  44.1 Khz to 192 Khz
Mac Pro 12 Core, Lots of Ram and 5 Terabytes on Multiple Drives 
Focusrite Control 24 Studio Console w/ automated faders & 
16 Focusrite Class A Preamps

Waves Platinum Bundle, Waves Restoration, 
Heat*  (Harmonically Enhanced Algorithm Technology)
Digidesign Massive Pack Pro 1 and 6, Antares Auto Tune
Sony Oxford, McDSP Softube, Izotope, Massenburg and more

*HEAT does more than just warm-up your sound,
it actually fuses the color characteristics of vintage analog consoles,
vacuum tube circuits, and analog tape into your mix
using high-quality, sophisticated algorithms.

Event TR6

Hearback headphone monitor system
This system allows each musician
to customize his/her headphone mix.  
Each module is essential an 8 channel mixer
combined with a headphone amp and two headphone jacks.

Mix of following headphones 
AKG K240, Fostex T40, Shure 440,
Ultrasone HFI550, Senheiser HD 202 

Outboard Gear
Avalon 2022 stereo preamp
Quad 8 4 channel preamp
Presonus M80 8 channel preamp
Presonus ACP88 8 channel compressor
Aphex 207D Stereo Tube Preamp
A Designs Red DI
Presonus Tube Pre DI
Wide selection of DI Boxes
Tom Scholz Power Soak

AKG C12 VR (Tube mic)
Microtech Gefell M92S (Tube mic)
Royer R-121 (Ribbon Mic)
AKG C414B ULS Anniversary Edition matched stereo pair
AKG  C451E (2) 
AKG C460
AKG D112 (2)
AKG 5600
Sony ECM 22P
Sennheiser MD421 (2) (Vintage)
Electrovoice RE38 N/D (Vintage)
Electrovoice Cardinal
Avantone CK1
Shure SM81 (2)
Shure Beta 56
Shure Sm58 (4)
Shure Sm57 (3)
Shure Unidyne 55C
Altec 685B
Electrovoice 666 (The Beast)
Peavy PVR 1 (Omni)
Teac ME120
Electrovoice MD676
CAD NDM10 (2)

Studio Instruments
Taylor 815C Acoustic Guitar
Custom Made Nashville Tuned Acoustic Guitar
Wechter Pathmaker w/Piezo and Midi Pickups
Godin 5 String Bass

Amps and Accessories
Kustom Coupe 36 Tube Amp
Vox Night Train w/ 1-12” Orange Cab
Roland KC550
Various “boutique” pedals
Line 6 M13
Roland GR33

Keyboard and Midi Gear
Triton Studio 88 keys loaded
Ensoniq SD1 32 voice

8 Piece DW Maple Drum Kit 
with Zildjan A Classic & Sabian cymbals and hardware 
Various Live Percussion Instruments

For Live choirs
JBL 400 watt MP415 Wedge Monitors 
And other options
Small PA that can be used for practice.