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Ask about our "American Idol Experience" package for singers.

It is our mission to help every client get the very best product for the best value with the least amount of stress and obstacles. As our jingle states we believe you should be treated like a star no matter who you are. For this reason, we commit ourselves to providing the highest quality, customer satisfaction and convenience in a fun relaxed atmosphere designed to help you perform and sound your best.

We Moved!
New Location:
3891 Grove City Road,
Grove City, Ohio 43123

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Rome Recording is…

The Only Studio in Columbus with Protools HDX!

We are pleased to announce along with our new location we have upgraded our entire recording platform to the latest Protools HDX system along with a new 12 core Mac Pro.  To the best of our knowledge we are the first and only studio in Columbus to have this top-of-the-line HDX recording system.  As we update our site we will be talking about the impact of this new HDX system (Superior sound quality for one) as quoted from top grammy award winning engineers like Dave Pensado and George Massenburg and others.  You don’t have to take our word for it.  I found in life and in the music business if you want to be the best you should humbly heed the advice of the best.  So when the best of the best are touting the sound quality of the HDX system, and talking about how it is their preferred platform it makes a huge statement about those of us also using it in our commercial recording facilities. 

Many Updates Coming
Check back often

As you check out our site you’ll notice the superior quality of our equipment and acoustical design, the expertise of our engineers, and our attention to detail to all the elements essential to a high quality finished product. With our new location Rome is transformed into a premier modern recording facility similar to some of the best studios in Nashville. Our "Why Rome?" page will talk about what we can offer you. While our "Studio Shopping" page will go into more detail about the 3 vital studio elements that are required to achieve commercial quality recordings. These elements are what give us the high quality studio sound comparable to the best studios in our country. Only a few studios around Columbus have high enough levels of all these important elements to consistently deliver commercial quality recordings. That’s why we stand among the top studios in Columbus and Ohio.

We also want to help those of you who record at home with our Rome at Home program. With our “Rome at Home” program we can help offset the limitations of home recording and save you money as well. We simply help you in the areas you need the most help and share helpful tips for you to get the best out of what you have. (More to come on this topic.)

Our website (when completed) is designed to provide you more information about the recording process and music business than any other local studio site. We believe the more informed you are the more value you’ll see in our studio. For answers to common questions see our FAQ’s and our Services Offered pages. Call us at 614-900-8790 or email us at

The Rome Factor

Rome has an uncommon combination of quality factors resulting in recording successes exceeding 40 years of business with clients from all over the United States.  We will continue to expound on this within the pages of our website, especially on the Studio Shopping

In a day and age where more people are attempting recording on consumer grade gear with a limited understanding of its use, the professionalism and quality of product we offer is what makes our services so valuable and separates us from the crowd. While consumer grade recording gear is better than ever we politely point out that no one would spend great sums of money to buy top quality gear if it didn’t sound better.  In addition, the importance of proper acoustics usually goes unaddressed in home recording and project studio settings.

At the same time, it’s not about having the best of this or that or even being the best engineer.  It’s first and foremost about you and giving you what you want and treating you the way you want to be treated.  We believe in the complete package of offering high quality in acoustics, equipment and engineering but any studio is only as good as the weakest link.  Therefore, we took a broad approach to raising all facets of the recording process to professional levels. We are not claiming to be the best or have the best and we don’t believe in putting other people down.  We prefer to let others be the judge of those things and to spend our time working to achieve our goals of quality and service.